CYSA District 8 Soccer – Soccer in the heart of the Valley

Board of Directors

District VIII Commissioner Bob Asklof 209.401.3113
Assistant Commissioner Sue Gonzales 209.824.2472
Registration Jan Ball 209.931.0515
Secretary Darlene Ribeiro N/A
Treasurer Nancy Evans 209.333.6743
Coaching Frank Ferreira 209.383.5055
Olympic Development Program Dave Sanchez 209.474.0130
Recreation Jan Ball 209.931.0515
Youth Referee Administrator Joseph D. Cook 209.823.3676
CNRA Referee Administrator Joseph D. Cook 209.823.3676
Rules & Revisions Shirley Thompson 209.835.8204


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Tournaments Darlene Wilharm 209.832.7821
State Cup Shari Allen 209.604.6801
Tide American Cup Charlie Scott 209.824.0350
Chevrolet Association Cup N/A N/A N/A

District Leagues

State Premier League Sue Gonzales 209.824.2472
Frazier League Shirley Thompson 209.835.8204
Dennis Olson League Hervi Rualo N/A
Kaercher League Mary Geranio N/A
Bill Meyer League Dave Ribeiro N/A